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Title: Doom 2 Review - Null Space
Description: 10/10

Major_Rawne - July 29, 2005 05:58 PM (GMT)
Author: Russell Pearson

Release Date: 06/12/2001
(Note: Dates are in British format DD/MM/YYYY)

This little treasure is something I overlooked for a long time. I always thought megawads made the best downloads since they offer lots of playing time and are sometimes a compliation of map makers' finest moments (Alien Vendetta, Requiem) I heard good things about Null Space and finally decided to go for it.

Am I glad I did? Very. This is one of the best wads that I've ever played. It's a simple idea of a floating hell fort floating in a pitch black void - the Null Space.


Difficulty: Hard (UV)

On Ultra Violence it is very tough at times. You will need all of your skill to survive. One thing I noticed about the map is the lack of zombies. That's right, no puny enemies, no hitscan attacks, no masses of chaingunners to mow you down from behind. The Null Space belongs to the demons.


Gameplay: Excellent

Without zombies to spoil the fun we're left with an interesting, challenging map which itself is an obstacle the player must overcome: if you fall off the map you die. This shouldn't happen often since a lot of the action takes place inside.

Monster placement is a good deal more thoughtful than most map makers seem capable of. There are no hordes of Revenants to wade through. Arch-Viles appear in limited numbers where they will do the most damage. Monsters that are usually forgotten, such as the Arachnotron and Pain Elemental, make an appearance.

It sometimes feels like the map itself is attacking you. Imps are placed behind metal grilles inset into the walls of the building firing down at you. With monsters beaming in everywhere things get scary and although there is a lot of health lying around, you will go through most of it.

Sometimes the level can get repetitive such as the battle royale with the Cyberdemon where you have to run round hitting switches. For the most part it's enjoyable to play and it is a map I will be revisiting.

Highlights: Exciting, evocative, tense and terrifying, all in equal measures.

Lowlights: A bit harsh at times which is when running for your life comes into it.


Aesthetics: Good

The map is far from pretty with a predominance of the ochre coloured textures, mainly wood and stone, but with plenty of creepy iconography to break it up. The map is perfectly designed to support the gameplay. It's often obvious where the traps are coming from though - how many blank section inset into a large wall are NOT hiding demons?

It's still attractive in a way, and it's scary as wellm hanging in space like that. More imaginative than a base style level!


Overall Score: 10/10

- Terrifying.
- Clever use of monsters.
- Old-school Doom fun in an original, contemporary setting.

- Occasionally harsh on the player.

doomedwarrior1981 - July 29, 2005 10:36 PM (GMT)
B) kewl review as usual look forward to even more reviews

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