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Title: 1972 Cadillac Eldorado from TBAA
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InternetAuctionServices - July 19, 2005 04:17 PM (GMT)

This is the 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible used on the TV series Touched By An Angel. Two were made for the series and this is one of them. The car comes with the registration and proof of insurance showing that it was registered to the studio. It also includes the license plates used on the show (see the photos) which are actually just props, and the real plates issued by the state of Utah to the studio. This is also the car pictured on the Touched By An Angel album cover. A copy of the album, and a box set of the first season on DVD are also included.

Hollywood Condition: This is a Hollywood car and it looks great in pictures, but it is a prop and the prop department has made some modifications that will bother someone who wants an original condition Cadillac. Fans of the show might find the modifications really interesting because they disclose some of the art of filming a TV show. The paint looks good, but is a show biz repaint (was originally blue), and it has a few blemishes and not much of a clear coat. It looks good driving around, however, and everyone looks at the car as you drive it past. Some of the chrome seems to have been attached by clear bathroom silicone. Both Eldorado trim pieces on the front fenders are missing the last o (is there a Hollywood reason for this?) and one of them came off and is in the glove box. It was held on with clear, double-sided tape. The interior has been completely redone. The plastic pieces and weather stripping have all been painted red, the fabric and vinyl on the seats is new, as is the carpet. The steering column has been painted red, and the wood trim around the instruments has been painted black. The trunk has had some carpeted inserts put in the sides, and the black carpet on the floor of the trunk is new. The spare tire has also been removed. I think that all of these things must have been done for on-camera appearance. There are tow points welded onto the frame in the front of the car so that the camera truck could tow the car while the actors pretended to drive. The front bumper trim pieces that were probably rubber have been replaced with black electrical tape. There is a hole in floor under the dash and someone has glued red carpet to a license plate and put it under the carpet to conceal the hole.

General Condition: At 20 feet in length it casts a big shadow. The 8.2 liter engine is 4 times larger than many normal engines today. The car looses 1 quart of oil every 500 miles, but does not make blue smoke when running or starting. The car looks like there is an oil leak underneath, but it does not seem to leave puddles. It runs, stop, starts, and drives fine. If the car has sat for a week or more, it has trouble starting, so the current owner has had a manual choke installed. It is hidden under the dash. The locks do not work well, but I lubricated them with lock oil and they seem to be doing a little better. When the car is off, a check engine light comes on when you open the door, but does not come on when driving. The driver's side power window does not go all the way up without manual help. There is a crack in the windshield but it does not obstruct visibility. The power top goes up and down. The tires are excellent and the brakes were at 80% last November when last inspected. Recent repairs by the current owner total $5600 and include:

New positive battery cable and Fusable link harness repaired $143
New fuel pump $180
Electric top repairs and several new parts $2400
Electric window repairs including replacement of 3 regulators with used ones $1136
Power steering gear box $550
Carburetor adjusted and cleaned $139
Turn signals repaired $140
Transmission pan gasket replaced $150
New visors $130
New master cylinder and 2 new wheel cylinders $360
New headlamp switch and headlight $215
New battery hold down $55


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Guest - August 6, 2005 11:38 PM (GMT)
Tess's car auctioned?! Aw, that means TBAA isn't comming back for good. Oh, well, I can't drive yet, but I want that car!

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